Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Ants VS Plants Nudge skill board video

Happy to share the video of the Ants VS Plants nudge skill based project. The game board contains two games: Ant Farm and Hungry Plants. Both games are single-line nudges featured with bonuses, wild free spins and the progressive jackpot. It also supports all required features such as hand counting, skill-stop and shutter doors mode and many more.

Get more details on the nudge multi-game board.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

We have started our first Nudge game title

We are so excited to announce our first Nudge game title: Ants VS Plants. Nudges are skill-based games which are extremely popular in the state of Georgia, as well as in some other states like Ohio and Michigan.

Most of the existing games on this market are pretty static with a simple pick-bonus. We are going to utilize cartoon 2D style with lots of animations, exciting bonuses and mystery events. Each game has a bonus feature, local jackpot and mini-bonus. Enjoy the sample pictures and stay tuned to get more details, videos and playable demos soon.

Contact us today to discuss cooperation opportunities.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Aewin SGA-5010 multiplayer gaming system running 8 copies of slot games on a single board

Aewin Technologies is going to demo their brand new SGA-5010 multiplayer board at COMPUTEX Taipei. Check out the video (00:27) to see the single board running 8 copies of Mammoth Gold and Mexicana-2 slot games.

And this is one more video with the same board running 6 game copies at once.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

What's new in Slot Constructor Framework 1.3.0

We have released SDK version 1.3.0

This version includes many bug fixes and improvements. Here are a few outstanding updates.

New improved Slot Constructor EFCO development kit quick start guide is available for download in PDF.

We have improved rendering code to increase the performance on EFCO boards with Intel GMA945 chipset. The SDK now includes some optimization tools for reducing the game size and improving the performance.

We have added two complete video slot game projects with source code.

Primate Payday 5 reels 25 lines video slot game with bonus feature
Frozen Fortunes video slot game with free spins feature
Both games are complete ready to use slot machines. They support wide range of gaming peripheral devices, such as Cash Code, ICT, JCM billacceptors (ID003 and ccNet protocol), Citizen and Epson compatible ticket printers, pulse coin and bill acceptors, 3M touch screen devices (USB and RS-232).
The games contain service menu to access the settings, statistics, history and so on. They can run on Aewin and EFCO game boards utilizing the hardware features. Full games source code is available to the Slot Constructor gaming development kit customers.

Another significant thing is our small sized Linux system for EFCO EGB5015/5012 boards. This Linux system is based on Gentoo and contain only few packages required to run the games. This Linux version solves any known issues with the hardware, such as sound and hardware graphics acceleration. Our Linux system is featured with easy to use installer with graphical interface:

Finally, we have put new video slot game kits to our website.

Aces High 8-liner game kit with RNG and finite math
Gods of Olympus 5 reels 25 lines video slot game kit with RNG and finite math
Each game page on the website contain the links to download free video slot game demo for PC. The game kits are available for purchasing. Contact us to get game kits prices information.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

More games are coming

We are going to release more games shortly. The main version is for AWP game boards (8-liner compatible), however, we can easily adapt the games according your needs for Class-2, Class-3 or even sweepstakes. Constact Slot Constructor LLC if you want to discuss cooperation opportunities.

Aces High 8-liner game

Amazing 8-liner game with double-up and bonus feature.

Gods of Olympus 5-reels video slot game

The game is featured with double-up, bonus game and free spins.

Free PC-demos will be available on our website soon. Stay tuned.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Grey Gaming sweepstakes gaming system

In 2012 our company Slot Constructor LLC. participated in sweepstakes gaming project development. We made several high-resolution games, such as keno, 8-liners, 5-reel video slots and the lobby. Finally, the first location is open in Texas. Read the full story from the project owners on our website. Here are some bigger pictures which didn't fit the case study text.

The Lobby


Keno game


Double Keno game


Super Keno game


Super Double Keno game
with both super-ball and double-up features


Luxury 5-reels video slot game


LoterĂ­a 5-reels video slot game


LoterĂ­a-II 5-reels video slot game


Flaming 8-liner game


Triples 8-liner game


Photo from the first location in Texas

Thursday, August 2, 2012

How do we create slot games

Making video slot machines is a complicated process with many people involved: graphics and sound designers, software programmers, mathematicians. Our company has big experience in casino software development and we would like to share some details on creating a slot machine project. The process is very interesting for us and we love every game we make.
Task: to make our new video slot game with prehistoric setting. Let's make a draft picture:

All right! Let's put more details:

Awesome! Now it's time to think on the game title. We are not English native speakers, so we have to ask the other people. The survey confirms our feeling:

Mammoth Gold is a good title. At the same time we want to separate the reels to make them less solid. The artist puts some cracks to the reels:

Wow! It looks way better. The artist is working on the reel symbols:

Finally, slightly adjust the picture:

Now we need the bonus game. Discussing the idea:

And there we go:

The next turn is made by the software programmers. We want to utilize some hardware peripherals and to have clear machine setup menu as well:

Slot Constructor SDK is amazing. I bet you would never imagine how fast a slot game code can be done.
You may download and play the video slot game demo. We appreciate any feedback from you.